Nerrick Funds

Excellence, perseverance, consistency.


The carefully curated characteristics of the Nerrick Funds are the results of years of fine-tuning. The peculiar conditions of the past years enabled a sensible refinement of our stock selection criteria, which translates into the strong performances of the last three years.

Sustainability and ethics are at the core of our philosophy. We therefore prioritize industries and areas of tomorrow, by adopting today’s unavoidable principles of good governance & sustainable development.

Behind the Nerrick Funds is a team of a dozen finance professionals that share the same passion and motivation to reach high levels of stable performances.

Through our Nerrick investment vehicles, serving efficiently our clients’ interest with the utmost care is our biggest aspiration.


If you wish to have more information on our funds and their performances or would like to receive a more detailed presentation on our approach, please get in touch.


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